The Solution

You shouldn’t have your health, financial security or the future of your family put in danger because of lack of access to emergency air medical services. Unfortunately, a growing number of insurance companies refuse to cover these health care services, underpay the claims, or simply never pay the claims, putting air providers financially at risk and patients at risk of not getting the emergency care they need. The purpose of health insurance is to help pay for your medical care.

The solution is simple: insurance companies need to pay for emergency air medical service, and they need to pay fair rates when they do. Increasing fuel and labor costs have made the financial realities of air medical transport more complicated, and bases have already begun to close across the country. To maintain our ability to serve patients and first responders everywhere, insurance companies need to step up.

We’re calling on the Biden administration to fix the rulemaking process to hold insurance companies accountable to pay air providers appropriately, ensuring the financial viability of air medical transportation.



1 in 5 air medical transports are of patients who have insurance but are transported by an out-of-network air medical provider


100% of emergency patients are transported without regard to insurance status or ability to pay


36% of Americans live in areas where it takes more than one hour to get to Level I or II trauma center


Take Action

Call Congress and tell them to fight for Americans when they are experiencing their worst day – tell them to demand that health insurance companies pay for emergency air medical transportation.