The Solution

You shouldn’t have your health, financial security or the future of your family put in danger because of lack of access to emergency air medical services. Unfortunately, a growing number of insurance companies refuse to cover these health care services or underpay the claims, leaving patients stuck with unexpected bills. The purpose of health insurance is to help pay for your medical care, yet health insurance continues to cost more but cover less.

We believe the best solution is for health insurance companies to cover these emergency services and ensure patient access to emergency air medical care. Here’s why:

1. Better Care for Americans

Air medical transport is the lifeline that delivers patients to the health care facility they need in emergency situations. Making air medical a covered benefit is the best way to ensure the sustainability of health plan and air service business models, while offering patients immediate, life-saving and affordable care.

2. Elimination of Surprise Medical Bills

Health insurance covering emergency air medical services helps consumers avoid unexpected medical bills, as well as balance billing, which is the practice of a hospital billing a patient for the difference between the costs of care and what the insurance company will pay for.

3. Continued Healthcare Access

Emergency air medical services are a critical piece of the health care delivery system in our communities. They provide a higher level of care in transport and bring definitive care directly to the patient in their hour of need. As hospitals across the country continue to shutter, access to care is a growing necessity for many areas. Emergency air medical services eliminate geographic barriers by delivering life-saving interventions during missions.

Congress–Stand by Your Constituents

Air medical services play an essential role in the health and well-being of our citizens. Their lives shouldn’t be put at risk because of lack of access to emergency air medical services. Let’s stand by these communities and ensure they are not left behind.



1 in 5 air medical transports are of patients who have insurance but are transported by an out-of-network air medical provider


100% of emergency patients are transported without regard to insurance status or ability to pay


36% of Americans live in areas where it takes more than one hour to get to Level I or II trauma center


Take Action

Tell Washington it’s time to protect Americans’ right to health and financial security.